Bio-PET which is also known as a bio-sourced PET is a type of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) which is made from petro-sourced element known as Terephthalate acid and with the help of bio-sourced ethylene glycol. The PET sheets are made from ethylene glycol that’s why the sheet created or manufactured is known as Bio-PET Sheets. This ethylene glycol is acquired from different types of plants such as sugar beet, sugar cane etc by using some thermo-chemical process. The PET Sheets produces or manufactured by renewable resources are said to be Bio-PET Sheet.

In the process of creating a bio-sourced product, the substance is known as Terephthalate acid and ethylene glycol are produced by a biological process such as using the various types of plants. With the help of these Bio-PET Sheets, many PET manufacturing companies are looking to improve the environmental footprint. It makes the people use the environmental good bio-sourced PET products such as plastic cold drinks bottles and so on. With the help of recycled and bio-sourced PET Sheets, the people are able to use better PET products in the market.

Several companies start using the bio-sourced product in manufacturing the environment-friendly PET Sheets. The products are entirely made from several plant materials. A bio-PET plant bottle is the first choice to be manufactured which is an alternative to the packaging materials made from fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources. The patented technology is used in manufacturing such bio-PET plant bottle which converts natural sugar found in many plants in India like sugar cane into the substance used in making PET bottles.

Sai Pet Samartha is excel in manufacturing such type of Bio-PET sheets which is useful in creating several types of environment-friendly bioproducts. These bio-products are useful in our daily life as we are consuming the same bio-product. These PET sheets are made from renewable resources such as plants. These are created from some biochemical process so don’t get confused between bio-sources PET products and biological agriculture as both are different things.