Characteristics of A-PET Sheets

A-PET (Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a thermoplastic sheet which is used for various purposes. It is framed by the expulsion procedure of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) copolymer and thermoplastic polyester. A-PET sheet has a shimmering lucidity and glossary which makes the product glossary. It has great mechanical properties with thermoforming attributes which make it a perfect material for packaging of materials. It has various characteristics as it is useful for creating the plastic bottles which are commonly used for cold drinks. Also, it is used to create a plastic packaging material which helps many people to carry their food in the containers.

A-PET sheets have many characteristics as they are shaded and clear. It is virgin review premium quality single layered PET sheets which are very useful for creating plastic products. The PET Sheets application contains general packaging applications, dairy items, and thermoforming food packaging applications. It is appropriate for different printing procedures, for example, UV, Offset, and flexo printing. So these PET sheets are helpful in creating the useful daily products. A-PET sheet has turned out to be a standout amongst the most generally utilized materials in the packaging business, especially in the types of thermoformed packaging.

EXPET is a scope of superior A-PET sheet made by Sai Pet Samartha located in Pune, India. EXPET Sheet is produced on the imported plant using the organization’s long involvement in the field of specific expulsion. EXPET Sheet has a great degree great thickness resilience, high consistency and low crystallinity and brilliant straightforwardness. EXPET Sheet is produced using Reliance RELPET gums. So these types of A-PET sheets have great characteristics as it is a very thick sheet and has a excellence transparency.

Characteristics of A-PET Sheets:

There are so many characteristics of A-PET Sheets and some of them are mentioned below:-

  • It is high resistance to cracking.
  • It can be easily thermoformed and does not require to be dried.
  • It does not pressure brighten when flexed or bowed
  • It has a good effect quality down to a temperature of 40o   
  • Their high flexural modulus lowers the likelihood of downgauging the bundling thickness while in the meantime keeping up the required properties.
  • It has a shimmering lucidity and glossary look which makes it outwardly engaging as a material for display and packaging applications.
  • It has higher warm diffusivity when contrasted with PVC (speedier assimilation and dispersal of warmth).
  • This lessens the thermoforming process duration as the time required for the warmth and cools the sheet is lower. This likewise decreases the warming prerequisite and diminishes vitality costs.

Some other characteristics required for specific packaging applications are

  • It has good barrier properties for Oxygen, water vapor and CO2 for food packaging products
  • It can be sterilized by ETO and Gamma radiation for medical packaging
  • It is very safe for drug and food contact for the medical and food packaging applications.
  • Non-poisonous and naturally inviting, since it is unadulterated and does not have incandescent light or hurtful substantial metals, making it the perfect eco agreeable dispensable packaging material
  • It has a Neutral smell, flavor retention and good aroma for specialized food packaging products


A-PET Sheet is offered in rolls/cut sheet with the following specifications.

Thickness range :

0.15 to 0.80 mm
Thickness tolerance : +/- 5% (max)
Width : as per customer requirement
Roll core : cardboard with 3″ ID
Colour : Clear untinted (standard)
tinted and opaque shades as per requirement
Standard Product : Single layer APET Sheet
Options : Antiblock properties enhanced UV protection
PVDC coated for enhanced barrier properties

Coextruded outer layers for specialized applications

You can get the more details about A-PET Sheet manufactured and supplied by Sai Pet Samartha here#

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